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Ariana - posted on 12/24/2013




Schedule it. Take it where you can.

If possible find a friend with kids who you can trade a babysitting night with, they watch your child one Thursday and you watch their child the other Thursday.

Oh and bedtime. Having a consistent bedtime is a godsend. When my son was younger he would stay up until about 11 (otherwise it would just take forever to get him to bed and he would wake up at some ridiculous hour) but now he goes to bed (generally) at 9. If you can get the kids to bed properly you've got an hour or two to yourself to focus.

Oh and possibly scheduling an activity or joining a club that you get a sitter for every week can give you some down time (or even scheduling one to see them while you have some 'me-time' is good). If that is possible anyway.

You can also schedule a 'me-time' every week where you just give them a special movie and tell them to chill there while you get some things done. Obviously you don't want tv to become their babysitter but every once in a while it's needed to get things done and help keep our sanity...

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