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Chloe - posted on 11/19/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




hi, my daughter is just coming up 15months and is turning in to a little monkey. i Know they dont really understand at this age between right and wrong but i was wondering if its too soon to start a time out. for eg she keeps going up to the television and pushing the button to turn it of. iv told her no and moved her on to something else to take her mind away from it but within 2 or 3 minutes she is back to the television...or pulling on blind. Iv told her so many times today and its just winding me up now so i thought right a 10minute time out in her cot maybe she will realise what she was doing is wrong ? :-/ but im not sure if that was the right move heeelllppp x


Melba - posted on 11/19/2013




My son loves to turn his t.v on and off,and pull on the curtains,he is 16 months now,butt it has been at least the last month i have been utilizing "Time out" it really seems to work,just make sure they know why.Don't let them move onto something else before time out,if she is playing with the t.v buttons,reprimand,and time out. worked for me :) Keep in mind...if she is this full of energy like my son was/is..She will scream,so much screaming! but eventually once they stop and realize,that's when time out starts to actually work.when they realize just because they scream they will not gt there way

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