Tips for helping my 2 1/2 year-old son transition to having a new little sister (in August)?

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I am due at the end of August with our second child. We talk to our son about the baby growing in my belly, but I don't know how much he understands (he is currently 26 months). Does anyone have any tips for easing the transition for my son when we bring little sister home? I was thinking about getting him his own 'baby' doll, like a Cabbage Patch newborn, so he would have his own baby to take care of like mommy. He's already a good helper around the house, and I know to include him during activities with little sister (like story time during nursing sessions, assisting with diaper changes, etc). Any advice?



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Between my two eldest there's 23 months. I informed my eldest that she was going to have a baby sister/brother. Involved her kissing the baby (bump) good night. Helped with some things. When her baby sister was born - she was allowed to hold her sister (with supervision) and generally help out (fetching nappies, baby wipes etc).

Certainly found the main key was involvement from big sister for new one. Then when I was expecting my third daughter, again same sort of things - both the older two helped and were allowed to hold their little sister after she was born.

All three girls get on well together, yes they do fight on occasion, thankfully they get on more than they don't.


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My older daughter was 6 when I found out I was having another girl so I just let her help pick things out for the baby. Try to set some time aside for just you and him so he doesn't feel left out and let him help with things.

Thankfully you won't have the huge age gap like I do with my girls. But I would teach him to share quickly. I stopped letting my neighbour's son play with my 15 month old because she never made him share and he grabbed everything. So as your son gets older after the baby is born teach him that babies don't know everything he does.

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My daughter was around the same age when my son was born. We did the same thing throughout the pregnancy talked about the baby growing in my belly, made sure she knew the baby's name was Jeff, and she got to the point where she insisted on hugging and kissing my "Jeff" belly before bed. We tried to let her help set up the nursery as much as possible and let her pick out baby brother's "coming home outfit." We also told her how long the baby was to have such a good big sister like her (most people do it the other way're lucky to have a new baby brother" Once the baby came home her job was to hand us the diapers and poweder and she got to carry brothers bottle to his bassinet. We let her hold him as much as possible and set out time during the day where it was all about her! My sister watched my daughter while I was in labor and I asked her to have Lexy draw a picture for jeff and then she brought it to the hospital and showed it to the baby and said "I draw you a picture baby" it was very cute. She is now 3 and him 10 months and she still loves helping with him and plays with him a lot. The best things you can do is let your son help as much as possible and make sure that you, dad, and the rest of the family spend some special time with your little guy so he doesn't feel left out. Best of luck and congrats!

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