"tips on dealing with terrible threes". Me and my husband are going nuts

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Everything he is told to do... the response is "No!" Throw tantrums when he does not get what he wants. Very disobedient when in public.


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Tegesr - posted on 04/10/2014




Yes, We use timeouts etc. So, we will continue what we are doing. This shall pass.
Thanks Everyone!!!

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This is how kids are at this age and I do not believe in the terrible 3's or 2's for that matter. Do as Shawnn suggested. Also if at home and he throws a fit, ignore them. Still be sure of where he is and he is safe but do not allow him to think you are watching him still. Kids this age are also trying to see how far they can push their parents too. They are looking for those boundaries and parents who give in, do not remain consistent in all things, and stick to their choices soon find that the kids are taking over the roost.

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 04/09/2014




Stick to your guns. DO NOT give in. Tantrums result in not only not getting what he wanted, but time out (or whatever your method of punishment is)

Consistent discipline, consistent consequences.

When tantrum is thrown in public, remove the child from the situation. do not try to bribe him out of the tantrum.

You'll get through this. But, the need for consistency and consequences will remain until they're out of your home after the age of 18

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