Tips on exercising while pregnant and how to cope after miscarriage

Alecia - posted on 08/09/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My husband and I are getting ready to try for our second child in September. A year and a half ago, we had a miscarriage when I was only a couple of months along and it was the most devastating experience. I have recovered and am now ready to try again, but I am super nervous. I am now physically active and attend the gym several times a week, where I mainly run. Besides being nervous that my previous pregnancy has left me scared that I might lose another baby, I am not sure if I should continue working out. I know I am supposed to watch my body temperature and heart rate, but does anyone have any advice based on what their doctor has said or what they did? I want to continue to work out and stay fit and healthy, but I never want to lose a child again. Any help would do!


Brittney - posted on 08/09/2012




It depends on what the cause of the previous miscarriage was (whether or not it could have been prevented). My first miscarriage was just that a miscarriage, I wasn't very active but my diet was great, I was at a healthy weight and everything. It just happens sometimes. Then about 3 months later I conceived my daughter and had a healthy pregnancy with walking daily, my doctor put no restrictions on me at all, I would start my day out right and exercise to the point of being tired, but not exhausted. I used Implanon birth control after she was born and got it removed in May because of the side effects and just last month, I miscarried again but this one was due to the lining of my uterus (too thin I guess). Each miscarriage was very early (before 9 weeks) but it still doesn't take away the pain. I think you are doing great by exercising, I would however start walking instead of running, but you could talk to an OB/GYN about it, many encourage working out as a healthy lifestyle before getting pregnant to increase your chances. Best of luck to you!

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