Tips on how a stay at home mom can lose and maintain a healthy weight?

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I have been struggling for 2 plus years to lose my baby weight, I walk I've worked out in a class but I just can't drop this 30 pounds. I feel like I try and get discouraged... Any tips from mother to mother.


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I am a sahm, I've been at the "maintain" stage for years, but over the past 3 years, I've gradually put on nearly 12 pounds, so I'm now moving back into the "losing" stage again. I think the problem is my age; I have slacked off on the exercise--I work out just as often, and for just as long as I always have, but not as intensely as I should.

To MAINTAIN, I keep my calorie count at or below (but not too far below) 1800 cal/day, balanced as follows. 3 servings ea. fruit & veggies for each serving of meat or carbohydrates. One serving of dairy per day. Most nutrients are in fruits & veggies, and if you eat a good variety, you'll get everything you need in those alone. Think of meat, carbs, and dairy as "treats". They are okay in moderation (and you do actually need them, but Americans eat WAY too much of them, and way too few fruits and veggies).
To LOSE weight, I will follow the same diet, but drop to 1600 calories per day. (there are tons of apps to count calories, or you can just jot them down in a note pad).

For exercise, to MAINTAIN I do as follows:
Mon, Wed, Fri.--Short morning run--usually 3 miles/30 minutes. 20 minute weight/strength training routine.
Tue, Thurs.--long morning run--usually 5+ miles/60 to 90 minutes.
Everyday--group cardio class for one hour. I switch up the classes--spin one day, step aerobics the next, Zumba another day. Changing up the routine keeps your body from getting used to it and plateauing.
To step it up and "lose" weight, I plan to continue the same workout, but up the intensity a bit.
To LOSE weight, I will continue the same workout schedule, but up the intensity a bit.

The biggest obstacle is making time to work out. I run & do weights in the morning before my family wakes. I'm blessed with late sleepers who don't wake until 6:45, so if I'm up by 5:15, I've got plenty of time to run & lift, and still get showered in time to cook breakfast. If you have a family of early birds, this might not work though.

Classes are easiest because almost all gyms offer childcare now. If you use the gym childcare & can't run in the mornings, you can run & lift weights right before/after your cardio class. Some have a 2 hour limit. You could do it, you just wouldn't have much time to rest in between. Keep water with you to hydrate during slow moments in class. You can also carry water bottles instead of hand weights while you run & sip from them intermittently. That way you don't have to waste much time stopping to drink all the time. (cary one in each hand to keep your posture in shape & avoid having one arm get bigger than the other).

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