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Rachel Anne - posted on 04/04/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 3-months old daughter won't take the soother! She is an excellent suckler (of my nipple) but when I give her a soother she gets a very strange expression in her eyes (like I've given her a foreign object - which makes sense!) and is curious enough to play with it in her mouth, but she pushes it out with her tongue instead of sucking it in. Any suggestions of how to get her to latch on?

Perhaps it is a blessing in disguise, but the down side is that she is using my breast like a soother (suckling for very long periods of time to go into a deep rest) which means for me, long periods of time in bed without a routine. This also sounds normal for a baby, but how will I go back to work (I work at home taking care of other children) when she is at my breast for countless hours?! And no, I don't want to give the bottle. I just want to give her the comforting and useful (for peristalsis movement) sucking sensation she needs without replacing breastfeeding.

Thank you!


Ann - posted on 04/04/2013




I had this problem with my daughter when she was 2-3 months old. She was always wanting to suck but i'm not going to keep letting her latch to me, without feeding. So i trained her to use the soother. It took about 1 1/2 weeks but it was worth it. I bought several different soothers, it's all trial and error, and every time she wanted to suck, i'd stick the soother in her mouth, and kept doing this until she got used to the feeling of sucking on a soother.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 04/04/2013




Well, you can always try different brands of binkies and see if she likes a different shape. I bfed both my kids, and my son took a binky, and my daughter refused. Some babies just don't like them.


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