Tired Of The Battle Over NICU CRY!

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To Each MOM the NICU CRY mean many things, To me it means I walked a road that scared me not knowing when or how or if i was going to bring my baby home. I just watch one of my friends give birth at 23 weeks He was in the NICU for months he now home and doing well this was after 2 years ago she gave birth to a 20 weeker who didn't make it. She walk the NICU CRY! We stand with our babies and give them streangth to fight! We can call it many things THE NICU CRY, THE NICU BATTLE, THE BATTLE OF THE NICU the list is endless. THis is just a little something i wanted to share. Thank you for taking the time to read this...

I had a 37 weeker was 6lbs who was in the nicu do to breathing, temp and eating issues, I also had at 36 weeker who was 3lbs 8oz {estimated} As she was born with Gastrocshisis. { ALL of my Daughter insides were OUTSIDE her body from the diaphram down} They told me that if she made it we would be in the Hospital for Months but by the grace of GOD my daughter was a lucky one who only had to go through one surgery 8 days after birth,was in the NICU for 50 days. Almost came at 32 weeks and then almost lost hers and my life cause of me getting Chicken Pox {which i had never had till i was 22, 32 weeks prego. Yes every mom that even spends a day, week, month, year or longer in the NICU still Has the right to do the NICU CRY! I watched many moms who were not there at all, I watched mom who never left, the ones who sat by there baby day and night, I was there with a 17 month old and i never left her, but that is what i thought was best for my son and daughter, But I am one of the lucky moms who only had to stay 50 days but now my 2 yr old is always always telling me her belly button hurts, her belly hurts, i get mean looks and a million question about her GOATS MILK, the food she eats {when she will eat, when she isn't telling me no mommy it hurts to eat} Is hard to sit back and watch any baby in the NICU, Even harder for the moms to not know that what if's. Or the moms who have walked that NICU Cry more then once just hoping this time the end result will be them getting to take a baby home. I have friends who are still walking this path and she is starting to give up on herself and body. I feel for every baby that is in or has been in the NICU it is a rough scary road that we all wish to avoid, but turn out to be so THANKFUL that we have the NICU to help us hope to bring our babies home. I am sorry if this upsets anyone, just hurts when because my kids weren't born before 30weeks that they don't count, but hey guess what both my babies had to fight for life just like every baby, what about the moms who go full trem and have a still birth is that fare, No it isn't. No mom is Safe from the NICU CRY,

We all sit here in a place that is ment for MOMS to COME TOGETHER and give and receive advice, To Help MOMS to Share our stories, in hope that we will in turn be accepted. You know what I am seeing, Is alot of mom saying my kid is worse then your's, my kid did this first and so on. Our kids have to deal with this in school so why are we as parents turning what our kids have went through into a fight. Everyones kid/kids have there strengths. All of our kids mean the world to us in there own way. My son is very out going, loves people, my daughter is very shy, don't care for people. But that is what make them who they are and makes them diffrenet. The NICU CRY has been going on for year, some moms lucky, some moms not, some moms still fighting, some moms who lost there lives to give there child a chance at life. Some moms who will never get a baby, moms who have to have help getting a baby, MOMS we are all different, but we all have something in common, WE JUST WANT TO BE THE BEST MOMS THAT WE CAN!

Now that I have said what i think and feel, i will take a moment and say that i am sorry to any mom, grandma, dad, grandpa that i may have offened. I am not trying to offend or upset any one in any way or shape. Thank you and i wish all moms the very best! Best wishes and Take care. 12-5-11 1:01p.m.


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So glad that you have a safe place to express your feelings. During my nicu experience I cried very little and it ended up effect me physically. Good for you and those who you just spoke for.

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