To all mums on here.

Kim - posted on 03/14/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




Please can we all just be nice? I'm getting fed up of opening a question to find out that the person who posted it has left circle of moms because of people being horrible and near enough being bullied because of their rant or question or advice. I thought that was what this group was set up for? I ranted and got "are you a mum?" chucked at me. seriously you must be weird or a peado to join up with no kids in your life. Have some common sense people.

Stop the bullying and the horrible remarks or you're just going to ruin everyone's time on here. There is no need to be immature and horrible, we're all mums on here and trying to do our best. If you want to rant or you read a rant, you need to be encouraging not condersending. You need to respect other's rights and thoughts.

Yes I may spell wrongly and my grammar isn't very good, but I'm back in college the 2nd time around in my lifetime and I won't be leaving until I get my qualifications. My son starts school this year (and yes he is real :P)

Only people with the same IQ as a neanderthal bully other people.

You have to respect other's opinions, if you think it wrong, think 1st before you write. How can I make this sound alright and not as if I'm trying to put them down.

Please for the sake of everyone have some manners and etiquette.


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S. - posted on 03/14/2012




I kid you not I was just about to write the same kind of post! I am sick of reading peoples post were they clearly need advice or you can tell it took real guts to ask for help only for other mother to attack them, I'v only ever posted a few times and I am really reluctant too as people manage to pick apart every ounce of the conversation and make something out of it that you never meant, then I spend hours thinking is it really worth rising to them or shall I just ignore it!

Helen - posted on 03/14/2012




i agree huni but could i just point one thing out perhaps if mummys dont want real answer they shouldnt ask things they ask knowing full well everybody has diff opinons ect just a thought honesty is and should be allowed bullying swearing hurtful things NO .

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