To go or to stay?

Melanie - posted on 01/09/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




Here are the facts. My Ex's sister is in ICU. We have children together. We live in a different state from his sister. I prayed for healing for her. If she takes a turn for the worse should I send my children with him to see her off or should I go in a separate car? I wouldn't want to ride w/him. That would be awkward and uncomfortable. I am over him and has been seeing someone for a couple of yrs now. His sister has always been good to the kids and kind to me as well. What are your thoughts?


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Lakota - posted on 01/09/2013




It depends on how old the children are. Children usually have to be 16 or older to go into the ICU at most hospitals. Check that out before you let them go. Also, it depends on if they want to go. If you don't want to ride with him, then don't. If the kids are old enough, and they want to go, let them decide who they want to ride with.

Firebird - posted on 01/09/2013




If you are on good terms with the sister, it would be nice if you went to see her with the kids instead of just sending them with their dad.

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