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Megan - posted on 10/07/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




How can I save money and our family make it on one income I have never being able to be a stay at home mom now that I am I need money saving tips


Chet - posted on 10/07/2014




Start by tracking your spending so you know exactly where your money goes now. Next, figure out how much you need to cut from your household budget to live on a single income. From there, you can start figuring out exactly where to trim that amount from your budget.

Some things will be obvious. There will likely be costs associated with you working that disappear once you're at home. Also, having a parent at home will hopefully give you more time to put into cost saving (like cooking from scratch, meal planning around sales, comparison shopping, doing things yourself instead of paying someone else, etc).

Some people can cut a couple of major things be okay. They get rid of one of their cars, cut cable and just use the internet, cancel the land line and just use mobile phones, scale back spending on luxuries and they're good. If things are going to be really tight for you though, start reading frugality forums and blogs. There are lots of corners you can cut if you're clever and motivated.

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