To use bumpers-pads or not to use bumper pads???

Sylvia - posted on 02/23/2010 ( 18 moms have responded )




My son is about 7 months and 1 week. He is going to be crawling very very soon but right now he is still kinda scooting around and such but it is ALMOST a crawl. Recently he has started moving around in his crib ALOT. My cousin (who has 3 children of her own and is a mother i trust) told me a few months ago that when Riley started moving around a lot I needed to remove all of the bumper pads. I lowered the matress two days ago ago and decided to go ahead and leave the bumper pads off oh his crib as well. However, today he woke up from his afternoon nap screaming his "Mommy, Mommy!! Something hurts" cry. I was super alarmed to find his leg was stuck (all the way past his knee cap) and he was yanking it sooo hard to get it out. He could have really hurt his knee or leg! So now I am scared to leave them off. Did I do the wrong thing? I am a new mom so I am so unsure of what to do in these situations. Any information or opinions would really help me. Thank-you!!


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Dottie - posted on 10/16/2011




The dates on these posts should be ordered from newest to oldest. If anyone knows how to get that done by a option button on here let me know! My first son died of SIDS. I did not have bumper pads. His head was in the corner of the crib with one arm hanging out and on his stomach when I found him. I had an autopsy done because I had a very difficult time believing that a human can 'forget to breath'. There is a very big difference between SIDS and suffocation. I am dismayed that people are linking the two. Anybody that does autopsies can tell you that. I have 4 wonderful children ages ranging from 21 on down to 7 and I have used bumper pads for all of them. I do not believe for a second that a bumper pad would stifle the airflow in the baby's crib unless you are already doing other things that would be a no-no such as pillowy mattress, lot's of blankets, not securing the bumper pad securely and/or a pillow or putting your baby on their stomach which is a BIG NO. Babies should sleep on their back. I didn't know that with my first child and thought sleeping on his stomach was more comfortable. If you use pads you have to make sure that it is very secure and you can even weave it through the bars or sew on additional ties. Since I breast fed all my children my children were never in their crib awake. I had no problem getting them out during the night if they woke up because my boobs were crying for them just as much as they were crying for the boob! I also have to say that I had their crib in my room until they were about 6 months old because I had all of my babies on heart monitors because of my first son passing on from SIDS so I just felt better being able to watch the breathing light and heart light blinking on whenever I wanted. It was a source of comfort to me. Anyway, use your own common sense on the issue. There are alot of things that are harmful to children, in fact I think everything is if you want to look up statistics on everything. I'm just saying we don't need to freak out on everything. Use your intuition ladies, it is there for a reason. Watch your baby carefully and see how much they 'travel' while sleeping and then make the nessesary adjustments. AND FOR CRIPES SAKE, bumper pads DO NOT contribute to SIDS! Smoking, sleeping on their stomach, and heredity do.

Rebecca - posted on 02/23/2010




Not all cots/cribs meet safety standards - check that yours does because getting a leg stuck really shouldn't happen if the bars are spaced appropriately.

You are supposed to not use bumpers at all because they are a SIDS risk, though this risk is lower as your child gets older.

Up to you what you do, but I'd be getting online and checking out the measurements and making sure your cot fits them. Good luck!

Ann - posted on 02/23/2010




I had the same problem so I shoved the bumper pad down between the mattress and the crib, they can still bump their head on the bars but the space between the mattress is filled so they can't slip down there.

Blackwood - posted on 02/23/2010




Recommations for SIDS is NOTHING in the crib with baby, BUT I was worried about the same situation that you just went through, so "Jolly Jumper" makes breathable bumper pads, they are not padding, but help to prevent limbs from coming out the side of the crib, now with that being said, it is still recommended that nothing be used, but I bent the rules and use these pads instead. You could try them out and watch your son for awhile and see if they do the trick. Walmart carries them for less then 20.00. Best of luck and let me know if you get them and what you think of them.

Jana - posted on 02/23/2010




I stopped using the bumper pad when my first baby was a month old because 1- it was a hassle to change the sheetz, and 2- i was really scared of the sufication hazard (as minimal as it was). My daughter got her leg stuck too, and I told her "well don't stick your leg out and it won't get stuck". She did it like twice and that was it. So I would say leave it off. Its more for decoration anyway.

Amanda - posted on 02/23/2010




My son is 11 month and we have the breathable bumpers. I've always used them. When he was about 7 months I took the front one off and left the one's on the sides and back. Here's the reason prevents small things from falling out! He can't use these to climb out...or at least hasn't figured it out I'm going to just leave them. You might want to try the breathable ones.

Medic - posted on 02/23/2010




I left mine in my sons crib till he was out of it and it by no means stopped him from getting his legs is highly improbable that they will get seriously son did it so much that he stopped screaming or crying when he did it I would have to check on him because he would just go to sleep with his legs in the bars.

Karen - posted on 02/23/2010




i didn't put mine on until my son started moving around - there is no need for them until they can start getting stuck! i just made sure that i got the mesh ones that were flexible and could kind of collapse if he gets to the point where he can try to stand on them to get out of his crib. they also tuck down below the mattress a bit so that he can't get under them the way brittany described.

Jamon - posted on 02/23/2010




Use them. He is still little. As a new mom there is no way to keep them safe 24/7. What I had to do was get rid of the crib completely. When my daughter was about 12months old she fell out of the crib or she climbed out I'm not sure still what happened. I put her to bed so I could go to the bathroom and within like two seconds she was trying to crawl to me and her lip was busted and bleeding. Her dad just got home and he brought her to me she was screaming but I thought she was still crying from not wanting to go to bed. Man it happened so fast I was still peeing when my husband brought her to me with her lip busted. We rushed her to the emergency room and thankfully she was fine she only busted her lip. I got rid of that baby crib after that. She just slept in our bed until she was old enough to sleep on her own. That lasted until she was about six. But from age 4-6 it was on and off that she slept in pur bed. She gradually transitioned to her bed in her own room. It was worth it.

Brittany - posted on 02/23/2010




my son, Riley, is 6 months and we just took his bumper pad out last week because he was moving it and picking it up. and now he just started pulling up in his crib so we will definitely be keeping it off now. he has got his leg stuck up to his thigh without it, but since he was moving the bumper pad i figured he will get his limbs stuck anyways.

Kayliecia - posted on 02/23/2010




I left my sons on until he was out of the crib, he was fine..and with my other son hes 5 months and im going to leave them on as well. I think as long as you have them tied up tight they should be okay.

Jessica - posted on 02/23/2010




The way I look at it is they can get their legs stuck between the bars of a crib with or without bumper pads. I was more concerned about my daughter getting her head under one of them or something like that. Plus I found that with changing the crib sheet, the pads were a real pain in the butt. I think it is fine to leave them off.

Amanda - posted on 02/23/2010




my daughter is 6 months and crawling. i still have her bumper pads in despite everyone saying negative things. im afraid she might bump her head or get stuck. you son is ok so dont feel bad. i would just put the bumper pads backk in. just my opinion

Christie - posted on 02/23/2010




we took ours off ~ and our son, too, got his legs stuck in the bars. We left them off, because we didn't want him using them to stand on to get out, but he continued to periodically get his legs stuck :( Funny, neither of our girls had that problem at all!

Becky - posted on 02/23/2010




We have left ours on even when they started moving, for that reason. I didn't want them getting an arm or leg stuck in the bars. However, when my son started pulling up, we did take them off, so he couldn't use them to climb out of the crib.

If your son will put up with it, you could use a sleep sack when he sleeps, and that will keep him from getting his legs stuck as well.

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