to young to be a grandma

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So 3 days ago I just found out my 18 yr old daughter is pregnant she'll be 19 in may. This is her first boyfriend and they have been together for 2 yrs. I feel so bad because I don't no how to act. I have 2 other girls at home 14,16 year old there happy to be aunts. My husband and I separated and divorced 7 months ago after 20 yrs of marriage and Samantha lives with him (dad) and her boyfriend. Part of me is happy ,sad and mad. I feel she's my baby having a baby her life hasn't even started just graduated high school last yr. Tried collage but didn't like the school so she quit. Now she doesn't no what she wants to do in life. The boyfriend works but makes minimum wage and my ex doesn't make much money. Everytime I think about all this I want to cry and I'm not sure why I'm so scared for her. I can't stop thinking about everything and how could this could have happened and I'm having problems sleeping. I just no how hard things were when I was 20 yr and had her. I love my girls so much I couldn't even imagine loving another human as much as I love them. But I also no that I will be here no matter what to support her and love her unconditionally.


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I sort of know how you feel. My nephew and his girlfriend got pregnant when he was 19, she was 17. They recently got married and had a baby boy, so my sister is a g-ma at 42. We were all disappointed because they are so young, didn't have a place to live, she had to put off plans for college, etc. We're happy for them that they are trying to get their lives in order, they have gotten an apartment, my nephew has a job. But still are nervous about how it will all turn out.

We want the best for the young people in our lives. Because we know the struggle they will face, it is sad when they jump ahead and get into these situations so young. It seems like so much potential is instantly gone, or at least put on hold. You are completely justified to feel that way. But have hope, too. They could work it all out. Help them be strong enough to still make something of their lives, and give that baby a good life in the process. They now have a different kind of potential, and can still do wonderful things.


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Chana - posted on 04/10/2015




I could never imagine being a parent at such a young age but 2 of my nieces were and they are doing fine. You can not change the situation all you can do is love and support your daughter in her choices and be there if or when she needs you. Make sure she is doing everything she can to insure that she has a healthy baby and then love that grandbaby.

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