Toddler Bed vs. Crib or Pack & play

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Hello mommy's,
I'm in need of some advise. We live in a one bedroom apartment and have been in search of a house. Our current sleeping situation is not a comfortable one. My husband, my daughter and myself share a bed. I know it's not good to do this but due to no room in a one bedroom we had resort to this. We have recently madea hard dedecision and have decided to stay in this apartment another year, my daughter just turned one so we need to get a place for her to sleep if we will be here another year. My delema at this point in time is I don't know what I should get her. I doubt the crib will fit in my room with everything that we already have. I don't know if the pack and play will even work now that she's a year, and the toddler bed? Well I just don't know if she's too young for that yet. I need some advise on what I should go for, because my husband and I need our bed back lol.


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I live in a one bedroom too! It's pretty cramped in there but we a toddler bed right beside ours. It's a crib mattress that goes on it. I had no problems with my daughter in it since she spent since birth in our bed. You might have to down size or move things around. I keep a chest of drawers in the closet to free up space. The space between our beds in about a foot so she is still right there but not in bed with us. I found she hated the crib since she was so used to a bed.
The age on the toddler bed was 15 months. That came in the packaging.

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