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Can someone tell me the name of a book that can help getting my almost 3-year old to go to bed? We have a routine that worked until about two weeks ago, and we are trying to get the supernanny technique to work, but it just took my husband an hour and a half to get her to lay down. She isn't even asleep, and it's 10 o'clock!


Annalena - posted on 11/02/2010




We had the same problem. We bought a cheap cd player for his room and invested in some of those cd/book combinations you can get nowadays - we bought the stories from his favourite disney movies. He couldnt wait to get to bed. We'd turn the lights down and play the story just loud enough for him to hear it. He'd cuddle his book, listen to the story and fall asleep! :o) It worked a charm. They need to sleep - the trick is just to get them horizontal and relaxed long enough for their bodies to do the job. Good luck!


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Tracey - posted on 05/26/2010




Have you tried letting her listen to story tapes in bed, it worked for my kids when they were young.
If you are trying a new routine don't give up on it straight away or you will confuse your daughter or let her think she has won and that you are giving in to her. Accept that you are going to have a few rough nights and stick to it. Once your daughter knows you are not giving in she will get used to the routine.

Nicki - posted on 05/26/2010




How many children do you have? When my son was about 3 we had to have the big fight of trying to get him to stay in his bed each night. I have two children and they had their own room. I ended up putting them both in the one room and never looked back. They are teenagers now and now have their own rooms again. I also use to put a story tape or music on in the bedroom and would tell them they had to lay still and listen. At first they would ask for another but when I told them they could only have one tape a night they soon would be asleep before the end of the tape. Not sure if this will help but you never know. Good luck

Louise - posted on 05/26/2010




They all go through this stage don't worry. If you have a regular routine of say bath, story and bed there is nothing you can do to stop this. My 18 month old has just gone through a month of not wanting to go to sleep and has been still awake until 10pm. Exhausting! Then finally the last two nights she has reverted back to her normal pattern of bath, bed straight to sleep by 8.30pm. Thank God! Whn you say good night do not go back in to her. The more times you go up the more she will call out for you. This is a very trying time for you both but it will pass I promise.

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