toddler behavior!!

Renerose - posted on 07/26/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




my son started preschool and hes very shy when it comes to mingling with others which ithink is totally normal to go through..its his first in a school setting so i totally understand but once we get in the house hes back talking..hes not listening and just cant seem to sit still for dinner time or anything..he listens when he feels like it or because he might be rewarded..we always praise him especially when he does something good..i get really frustrated some times when it just gets too much..i try to stay calm and patient and try to distract him with doing something else but sometimes i just dont know how to deal with it..helpp!!


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Do you let him know when he's not listening enough, as well as praise him when he is?

He needs to hear both. He needs to hear "son, you're not listening, please listen to my words". He needs to know when his behaviour is over the top. Let him know that you need him to listen and heed you no matter whether he gets a reward or not, because right now, that's his 'job' as a kiddo.

Enforce the still times, enforce everything as normal. This is a phase, they all go through it, and your best weapon and tool is to be consistent with everything!

Good luck!

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