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KELSEY - posted on 09/13/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




So my 3 year old still has a bottle like she has it for bed iv tried everything nothing seems to work I know it's not good but she will cry and put up a fight I'm expecting in April and I want her to be out of a Bottle plus school has anyone else had this ? How do I get her out of it


Sarah - posted on 09/13/2013




Throw it away and deal with the crying for a few nights. The crying will end. You just have to stay strong. It has become a habit and the only way to break it is to just take it away. Once she realizes that no matter how much she cries for it she will not get it back she will stop crying. Kids know what works and what does not work for getting their way. She knows that if she cries you will give in. You have to stay strong and not give in. Once she realizes that you are not going to give in she will stop crying and go to bed with no problems. Just have to change the habit.

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