Toddler lost tooth

Raymond - posted on 10/22/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 21 month old had just knocked out her tooth, what can I do, will it affect her speech?


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Julie A - posted on 10/22/2013




Will not effect her speech. She can get a crown made but I doubt since its a baby tooth the dentist wouldn't recommend it. I'm no dentist but I am a dental asst. I would see what your dentist recommends.

Enna - posted on 10/22/2013




She should be fine if she doesn't have any other injuries from it. I know a lot of kids around that age who have done that, and they didn't have any problems. I would wonder about her permanent teeth coming in straight though. If you haven't taken her to the dentist yet, I definitely would. Definitely find a pediatric dentist if you can they are so much better with kids. And when she gets older I would have her checked out by an orthodontist too . My daughter's orthodontist said that he usually likes to start seeing kids around 7. I think that's a little young, but if my daughter had a problem, then I would definitely go in that early.

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