Toddler not sleeping well .talks in sleep.. Stays up very late

Kara - posted on 07/20/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




We've tried everything.we always keep the same bedtime schedule starting at 6:00 dinner..tub.. A show on the couch with milk ..bed ( has a movie playing.. It keeps him in his bed and quiet) we've tried no tv , no bath before bed ( was afraid it was not relaxing him but waking him up)


Ariana - posted on 07/21/2013




I would try to get rid of the movie. Even if it keeps him quiet it's still something that's stimulating his mind. What time is he actually supposed to go to bed? I know my son would be crazy when I tried to get him to sleep earlier, but I just put his bedtime up an hour and then he was fine. Obviously you don't want him staying up extremely late but if you're trying to get him to sleep at 8 and he's not tired out maybe a bedtime schedule for 9 would be better.

Is he doing stuff during the day? I know my son goes to sleep a lot better if I take him out to the park or some physical activity earlier on. So maybe before dinner you could go out with him and have him run a bit of energy off, then go home do your routine and see if that helps get him to bed.

Another thing I find that helps is if you put reading books before bed into your routine. One it's just good for them to be reading, but also it helps them slow their mind down a bit and gets them sitting and relaxing before bedtime. Pick three short stories and have him sit on your lap in bed and read them to him (don't try to read past his attention span or he'll just lose interest). Then try to tuck him in for bed.

Hope some of that helps!

Oh and you can always ask your doctor about it, it's unlikely it's anything but it's always better to talk to them and check to make sure there is nothing physically effecting him.

Good luck!

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