Toddler Pulling Her Hair! Dont know what else to do! Please Help!

Jenna - posted on 07/29/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




I really need some help and want to try to see if there is anyone out there who is or was going through the same thing with their kids. My daughter Lily pulls her hair for comfort and has gotten so bad that she has a bald spot on the right side of her head about the size of a tennis ball. She is only pulling from the one side and doesn't seem to hurt her when she is doing it. She usually does it at night (must be-since she doesn't do it during the day very much) we think before she goes to sleep in her crib. We have tried cutting her hair shorter, telling her that her hair looks beautiful, distracting her with something else and providing a different security or comfort item. Please help!!


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Tamara - posted on 07/30/2011




Its possible she has Trichotillomania which is a psychological condition that involves strong urges to pull hair I would mention her hair pulling to the dr, My daughter did it so he monitored it over a few months and it never got to bad, So he said it was a phase, But since your daughter is having a bald spot its worth checking into

Christy - posted on 07/30/2011




Maybe give her a lovey that she can hold when she goes to bed, like a favorite stuffed toy or blanket as an alternative comfort?

Neva - posted on 07/30/2011




Kids will a lot of times twirl their hair for comfort when they are going to sleep which can make it come out. Some of them will also eat their hair. This a more of a problem because they can develop a bezoar (hair ball) which can lead to a blockage. If she is only doing it in her sleep, you might try to put mittens on her hands at night. Its not something that you can talk her out of. You might also try to substitute another soft object that she can rub like a blanket or soft stuffed animal. If it continues I'd have a talk with her pediatrician.

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