Toddler rejecting grandma - any advice?

Katie - posted on 03/05/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




My MIL is visiting for a full month and my 2 yr old DD is having a hard time accepting her presence in the house. It's been 2 weeks and she still doesn't want grandma to be in the same room as her and throws a tantrum if MIL tries to get her out of her car seat, change her diaper, look at the painting she's doing etc.

Any advice on how to handle this? I've been trying to keep the peace by having MIL do more with the baby and looking after the toddler myself in the hopes that she will come around on her own, but no progress so far. DH gets angry and makes DD do time outs for being mean to grandma but that also hasn't changed the behaviour.

I've tried setting up activities for them to do together (baking, painting, crafts, playing with the hose, new toys, watching DVDs etc) but DD just refuses to do any of them and cries if pushed to participate. I've also tried talking with DD about how nice grandma is and all of the fun things she's good at, and DD agrees while we're talking but still won't interact with MIL.

Anyone have any advice?

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