Toddler tantrums

Sara - posted on 07/01/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




Any advice on how to handle a tantrum from a 19 month old? I want to let him know that it's not ok to throw a tantrum but I want to handle it in the best way.

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Bri - posted on 04/11/2011




my 18 month old has started throwing tantrums. don't give in to what they want. when she throws her tantrums, i will bring her right next to me, hug her & talk to her, telling her things like, "i know you're upset" and try to calm her down. she'll stop crying, & she'll be quiet and just hug me until she's ready to go do her own thing again. works almost everytime. the times that it doesn't work & she just won't calm down, i ignore it, & after a few minutes, she realizes she isn't getting what she wants, & she isn't getting the attention that she wants either, & she stops.

Heather - posted on 07/02/2009




IGNORE, IGNORE, IGNORE. He's looking for a response. Don't give him one and he will realize throwing a tantrum doesn't do him any good. He won't gain from it and will stop. Once he's done with the tantrum, explain to him what to do when he wants something or is mad. I'm trying to teach my son to clap his hands when he's mad. It gives him something to do instead of a tantrum and I give him attention when he does this. It helps him realize he can communicate more effectively until he can verbalize it.

Jael - posted on 07/01/2009




That is his way of showing you how he feels because he still doesnt completely understand his own feeling let alone whats goin on. So you have to show and tell him what you want, give him options so he still feels a little in control. I recomend you read east to love , difficult to discipline by becky a. bailey,

Pamela - posted on 07/01/2009




First, don't give in. With my daughter, consistency is best, if she starts throwing a tantrum and reminding her to breathe and relax doesn't work, then we put her in time out in her time out chair. When she has calmed down, she can come out. It has worked really well to limit the tantrums here. It didn't take long for her to realize that time out chairs are not fun time, and that throwing a tantrum doesn't earn her what she wants. Good luck!

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