Toddler With Cerebral Palsy Getting G-tube Because Of Failure To Thrive. Advice?

Chloe - posted on 11/04/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hi. I am the mother of a 2 1/2 year old little boy who has Cerebral Palsy. He was at a healthy weight up until just about a year ago when suddenly, regardless of how much he ate he completely stopped gaining weight and started to lose rapidly. Over the course of the past year, we have tried everything. We have brought him to see many specialists including a pediatric gastroenterologist who performed several tests on my child in hopes to find the cause of his failure to thrive. All test results came back normal. The only option for us at this time seems to be getting a G-tube. Although my son drinks 2-3 cans of pediasure on a daily basis and eats 3 good sized meals and a snack each day (although his food needs to be blended), he just will not gain weight. I am becoming more and more concerned as the days pass and I watch him waste away. He is skin and bones and it is very sad and frightening to me. I feel helpless. I have scheduled the surgery for the 14th of November and have never dreaded anything more in my life. I am absolutely terrified of the possible complications we will face as the result of this operation and complete change in the way we live. If there happens to be any parents that have went through this and have any advice for me, it would be very much appreciated as I need some comfort and peace of mind. I would like to know about the questions I should ask the doctors during our hospital stay, what type of information I should provide to his other caregivers following surgery when I have to go back to work and he has to go back to his regular daily routine to help them to care for him properly, what types of things I should be concerned about, and the benefits other parents have notices as the result of having a child with a G tube that may or may not be temporary. Please help! I am so worried, I can hardly sleep.

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