Toddler with Chronic Cough

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My 3 year old son has had a chronic cough since Oct. 2009 (going on 5 months). He coughs mainly at night, but depending on the day he might cough once or twice, or all day. He has been to numerous doctors (all of which have different opinions). He has been perscribed inhalers for asthma, medications for allergies. Had an unremarkable chest xray. Blood tests (no anemia), a blood allergy test with no reactions.

He has responded to and still continues to cough. Today I did some googling and found that a persistant cough can be caused by acid reflux, so I will be bring that up to the doctor at the end of this month at yet another follow up appointment.

Just wondering if there are any mom's out there who have experienced something like this with their children, and what the results were. I am at a loss, I don't want my poor little guy to cough all the time anymore :(


Jenny Conradie - posted on 08/13/2014




hi i have the same problem my dughter hass been coughing for 4 months now like you said constantly at night some times at day or the whole day .
have been to 3 pediatricians, lung specials and a throat nose and ear specialist and with all the treatments in the world, she is still coughing.
have treated for bronchitis. ahstma, gastroesophagel reflux, and post natal sinus. and stil coughing , i feel like running away. any advise as to what all of you think it might be

Amber Lynne - posted on 02/04/2010




Here's just a thought...I once had a child in my class (when I taught Pre-K at a daycare) that coughed every day. His mother had tried OTC meds, and taken to the doctor and they couldn't find any reason for him to be coughing. One day, she noticed that she hadn't heard him cough any, and then noticed that he didn't do it again the next day either. She thought about anything they had done different...the coughing returned a few days later. She finally had a thought on the connection...she had just bought his fav. snack at the store. Something she always, always kept at the house-but had ran out of during the days he hadn't coughed. He was allergic to yellow dyes (anything from cheese to popcorn or butter). She started watching labels and cutting out everything with yellow dyes and his cough was done. It was very strange I thought, but it could be something simple like that.

Gwen - posted on 02/04/2010




My stepson had a cough that turned out to be asthma. He took some kind of allergy medicine at night (can't remember what) and used his inhaler occasionally, as needed. This did not eliminate the cough, but it decreased substantially- especially at night.

If your son has asthma, you will always see some symptoms even with medication. Personally, I'd stick with that treatment for awhile and see what happens. It doesn't sound like his health is in danger at this point.

Ashley - posted on 02/03/2010




hey kristin, my name is ashley i bought my daughter amber a vicks machine and it seemed to help her with her breathing. she does not cough as much as she did before i bought it. i hope that helps a little bit...

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I know this is a pediatric problem, but it reminded me of my mother-in-law. She had a persistent cough for a long time and saw every specialist, you name it. Like you, tons of different opinions, and no treatments for asthma or anything else worked. FINALLY a pulmonary specialist got to the bottom of it--it was acid reflux, just like you read. Definitely push that with your doctor, especially if allergies and asthma has been ruled out. Sometimes you have to really be persistent with these doctors, sometimes you have to be quite insistent. The night-time coughing might be the key....acid reflux is worse at night when you're laying down. My mother-in-law had to elevate the head of her bed (you can buy 'blocks' to elevate the head of the bed (about 4")at Walmart for about $9 or $10), and follow some dietary guidelines, (ie., avoiding certain foods, not eating after a certain time before bed). For the first time, the doctor's interventions worked! There are meds that work really well for this problem, I'm not sure what the protocol is for pediatric patients, though. Maybe for such a little guy they would need to find out why he is having acid reflux and try to correct it. Keep on the doctor, though. It sounds like you are on to something! Doctors may have been to medical school, but parents know their children the best, if something just doesn't fit or sound right, if your gut says the doctor is wrong, then go with it. You might have to get a little pushy, maybe even a little bitchy, sometimes with doctors, but you have to for your child! Good luck, I hope you find the answer. Keep going until you do! :)


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Gina - posted on 12/13/2012




I have the same thing with my 4 year old daughter took her to docs 3 times and on the last visit they gave me 2 asthma pumps to use at night but still coughs non stop

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