Toddlers and Hormones

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White I was sitting on the edge of my bed my 3-year-oldstep son straddled me from behind and started bouncing. I figured he was just being silly, kids do weird things. When I got up and turned around he had his diaper off and his penis was sticking straight into the air. I asked if he had to pee pee and he said no. His penis got small again. A coupIe hours later he attempted to do the same thing. I just caught him before he could straddle me. I don't know what brought this on but I'm at a loss as to what to do. Has this happened to anyone else and what do you suggest I do to keep it from happening again? While typing this he tried doing the same thing to my leg! Please help.



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I dunno.. this would concern me. Little boys (and girls!) certainly enjoy discovering their bodies, but what you're describing is almost like he's acting out a sexual act that he's witnessed, and that is not something a boy that age should see. Just keep your eyes out for warning signs of sexual abuse or other inappropriate stuff.. I may be overreacting, but this would be a red flag to me.

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Yes, it's normal. It's just a healthy part of discovering one's body, that doesn't mean that he has seen it anywhere, it's just part of growing up.

I had a similar problem with my daughter and one of the directors at her school advised me NOT to make such a big deal out of it, because you don't want to shame your child from self discovery. However, I was told that it's best to sit down with the child and tell him/her that although it's natural, it's also something that should not be done in public and should be done in his/her privacy, but that it's ok and it's natural, but it's a private thing that should not be done in public.

Good luck!

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The truth is.....he is masturbating. Believe it or not. He must have witnessed you and your husband, or the dog, or someone on tv doing this. Once he found out that it felt good, he just kept finding ways to do it. My daughter used to rub her vagina on her teddy bear when she was 3. I asked the dr. and he said what you were thinking is right, she is masturbating. I would say to tell him nicely that you do not like it when he rubs on you. I told my daughter that I know what she is doing, and that it needs to be done alone, and in private. Now she is 9 and I never see her do it anymore. It is part of life. It is nothing to worry about. Just tell him not to do it on you.

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little boys are wierd aren't they? Has he ever caught you and your husband having sex or seen it on tv or internet? My 3 & 4 yo are always playing with themselves and getting hard. The dr said that it just feels good to them. My 3yo will sit on the toilet and flush it until he gets hard then play with himself. My 4yo comes and tells me his "pee" is big LOL. I would just talk to him calmly and tell him you don't like it when he bounces on you but leave out any talk about the hard penis. I really wouldn't worry about it too much.

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This is funny and disturbing at the same time. Remember that little kids do what feels good. At three you should be able to explain to him that we don't do that. And that those are his "private parts" and not to be played with. You might still find him "rubbing" in private and depending on your views on masterbation/privacy deal with it. I have caught one of my girls "rubbing" but she was by herself and I explained the whole private parts thing and b/c she's a girl that she could make her "who-ha" sore or sick. Not sure that would work w/a boy.

And Dad should have a talk w/him too! Man to (little) man about not showing it to girls or something.

Most of this parenting stuff we just have to make up as we go and correct without squashing their happy little spirits.

Definately time to get rid of the diapers - let him have some naked time (at home). And don't underestimate how much he understands.

God bless!

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