Toddlers with 10+ cavities going under General Anesthesia

Minerva - posted on 09/07/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son is 3 and went for his 2nd check-up at his pediatric dentist and was told he has 10+ cavities and would have to go under GA for the procedure is done. They would remove his 2 front teeth and either put fillings in his other cavities or crowns, all depends since my son did not cooperate during x-rays or while dentist was looking at mouth. At first I was going to let it go but now I am second thinking it, currently looking for second opinions. Thank you!


Aster302516 - posted on 09/08/2016




I can understand your concern regarding your son. My sister’s son had many cavities too but they did not have to give him GA for the procedure. You may want to get the opinion of another dentist. I hope you find the advice you’re seeking. Praying for your son. Hugs to you!

Sarah - posted on 09/07/2016




Having a lot of dental work at this age can be very traumatizing. If he were to have to go for 4 or 5 visits and be awake, or have nitrous oxide, or be held down an forced to comply with treatment; he could develop a life long fear of the dentist. I do think a second opinion, or even discussing it with your pediatrician is a good idea. If this dentist has the proper staff and monitoring equipment, then anesthesia will make it much easier on everyone to get your son's mouth in order. I work as a school nurse and our state required dental exams for K, 2 and 6 grade. I see kids whom have never even been to the dentist have to have extensive work done after they finally get in for the visit. Most of those kids do get twilight, or general anesthesia.
Also, you need to discuss how his teeth developed so much decay so young. There is new research that shows using products with xylitol can improve the oral health. There a member on the site who is a dental hygienist (or almost done becoming one) who I bet can offer you some good advice on this whole issue.


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