Toe walking ALL THE TIME

Elle - posted on 08/19/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




Wanting help!!! My son is 2 and a half and a chronic toe walker. Never flat footed always on his toes! He has been this way since he started walking at 13 months. He has had numerous physical tests and blood tests and everything is coming up normal. No other problems but this! we have had 4 hospital visits and see a physio once a week and I'm just going around in circles. I have been trying to sort out the problem since he was 14 months and still no answers or help from any professional. I'm in Perth, Western Australia and hoping there's some more mums out there with the same problem. Any good physios or treatments that worked for you would be much appreciated



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Dove - posted on 08/20/2015




If he's seen that many doctors I assume they have discovered that he CAN stand flat footed... even if he won't. Toe walking, from my understanding, is only a concern if the child can't physically stand flat footed. Otherwise it's just a preference like Raye had.

Raye - posted on 08/20/2015




When I was a kid, I walked on my toes all the time. Our neighbor thought my mom would have to get my tendons cut for me to walk flat footed. But nothing was wrong with me, and nothing seems to be wrong with your son. I outgrew it. He probably will too.

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