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Dawn - posted on 02/18/2016 ( 5 moms have responded )




Where shall I begin my daughter is going to be 7 in 3.5 weeks and has no interest in pooping on the toilet she is very bright for her age ,at the age of 2.5 we started to potty train her and she became very constipated and at this point potty training became an ordeal as she pooped a few times on the potty we have seen a pediatrician at the age of three and off and on for 2 years who swore she would outgrow this and be potty trained before we knew it .we have done charts bought her treats bought her small toys and bribed her with small amounts of money ,I and my husband are two different parents he is the softy and I am the more dominant parent ,I have pushed to see a new pediatrician but appt is in 8.5 weeks any help would be welcome I am not a bad parent but am beyond frustrated right now please help me 😯😢😯😢


Sarah - posted on 02/19/2016




This is a duplicate post, my response from the other thread:
To be clear, does she have any special needs? You are not a bad parent. Repeat: you are not a bad parent.
So, how does she poop now? Do you put a diaper on her? This is much more common that you realize. One episode of constipation or painful defecation can lead to years of chronic issues. She should get a referral to a GI specialist and preferably a pediatric Gi specialist. This doctor will probably start her on a laxative; like Miralax, that will make her stool so soft that she cannot hold it in, then to train her bowels you will feed her at a certain time and then provide her with time on the toilet at a certain time. You may need to enlist the school nurse and even have and IEP created to help her with her bowel training.


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Dove - posted on 02/19/2016




At 7 years old the only way she would not be pooping in the toilet is if there is a physical, mental, or emotional problem preventing her from doing so. If things check out fine w/ the pediatrician... ask for a referral to a psychologist. You can not force her bodily functions and it sounds like the more you try... the worse the situation gets.

If she will not poop in the toilet... at this point I would likely have a stack of pull ups in the bathroom and let her know that she can poop in the pull up or poop in the toilet, but where ever she chooses to poop... she is 100% responsible for taking care of it and cleaning it up. It's not a 'punishment'... it's a responsibility that a typically developing child of her age is more than capable of doing. And then let her do it.

Unless you have other concerns about her behavior or development that would make her actually incapable of handling this responsibility.

Megan - posted on 02/19/2016




Dawn, big hugs to you and your daughter... I am sure this is extremely frustrating. Generally what happens is your daughter had a painful bowel movement when she was little whig she associates with the toilet. So the question is how to show her that going poo on the toilet will not hurt. This book is really good to give you positive suggestions.Or this might help as well The key is to talk to the doctor about using a stool softener or miralax so you are sure there will be no pain. Make sure to add lots of liquids too. Take her to the store and let her choose a favorite juice. Also, often children who hold their poo have a stretched bowel and don't get the signal you and I get. You need to be sure to take the drama out of your reaction. Just matter of factly let her know that every night before bed she will need to sit on the potty until she goes poo. Get a really good kids book, my kids loved Boxcar Children at that age , that you can read out loud to her while she sits. So she gets some positive time with you while on the pot. Be prepared she may really fight you at first. Do not get drawn into the drama... just matter of factly say, i know you wish you didn't have to go on the potty, but the doctor says you have to sit every night. Sympathize with her, let her know you get that she doesn't want to, but you love her and its the doctors orders.

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