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Casie - posted on 05/17/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have a 2 year old and i have been trying to toilet train her for a few months now. I know she is ready as she shows all the classic signs of being ready. At the very start she did a wee and a poo on the toilet and it was a very proud moment for me. Now i cant get her to sit on a toilet or potty at all it just ends up in a screaming fit. I have tried all sorts of things like stickers, dolly going potty too, rewards, i have tried to make it fun etc but she refuses to sit in any of them. I have even gone to the "no nappy" but my whole house is carpet and i am not in any way healthy shape or form to be scrubbing the carpet 7 times a day. I am 21 weeks pregnant with a serious complicated pregnancy, to which most days are so painful to even walk, my husband works away from home, i have no family or friends to help me at all, im still working, and im doing literally everything by myself. I dont know what else to do as i just feel like i am a major failure as her cousins etc that are younger than her are already toilet trained, and i know it isnt a race but i dont understand what i am doing wrong if she is ready, i cant handle to pain of disappointment in myself every time she doesnt or refuses to go.

Please help me


Louise - posted on 05/17/2012




Here we go again! You are not a failure your child is simply not willing to comply at the moment. The very earliest you shuld even attempt to potty train is 2 years old. Your poor child has limited control on their bladder and bowel until that age. Sure, there are people out there that insist on training their kids early but let me tell you this is just pure luck and they will be cleaning many carpets. I have toilet trained 3 children 2 boys and a girl. All three of mine were trained about 2 years 4 months. It took one week only and by the end of day three they had grasped the idea and there were very few accidents if any.

You can not force a child to potty train it simply does not work, all you end up doing is stressing you and the child out. So stop! When your child is fully ready have another go until then put her back into nappies and if she asks for the toilet great if not there is no loss.

Every child is different, but I can tell you if you wait you will have more success and it wont be as stressful. You also have to wait for the child to be able verbally to ask for the toilet and understand the entire process. Mums that train under two just make the process longer, a child that is ready can be trained within a week. Job done!

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