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My 3 year old had to have his tonsils removed. I had less than a week to prepare for this as his tonsils were so large they were not allowing much food to pass and he choked often. His behavior is fairly normal but starting last night I decided to have him sleep in his room by himself like he has up til the surgery. We had been sleeping together in front of the fireplace in the living room. When I checked on him he was asleep but moaning and extremely restless. Immediately I scooped him up and we resumed our sleeping arrangment in the living room. He seemed better. Today I let him play outside for a little while and he started breathing funny. It's like he will hyperventilate for 5-7 seconds then breathe normally for 3 - 15 minutes then hyperventillate again. But then the breathing will become normal and stay that way for a long time. Any ideas what could be happening? Procedure was done on Monday and it's Saturday now. He has also been having fevers as high as 103.8 on Tuesday. I took him back to dr office yesterday because i could not get anyone on the phone to give me answers. I was told to continue what I'm doing but this behavior and breathing thing has me concerned.


Loraine - posted on 01/05/2013




Keep a close eye on him. I don't want to alarm u but he may have an infection (quincy throat) which would make it difficult for him to swallow, even his own saliva at times (I had this when mine were removed at 13yrs old) Or there is a rare chance they may be bleeding without you knowing & they may rupture. My daughters ruptured a week after they were removed. She too had been checked by the doctor the day before.

If your concerned & his temp is high, then i'd suggest taking him back for a check up

good luck xxx

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