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I need some advice from other moms that went through the same!
I have a 15 month old and a 27 month old who love to wake up at 5 am on the dot! It has been like this for a few months! I thought it was a phase because my older one kinda stopped and woke up a litttttttle bit later but it started again!

I put them to bed at 8:00. I tried putting them to bed later. As late as 9:00 and it didnt work. They both would still wake up at 5:00.

My older one only has 1 nap in the afternoon for about 2 hours.
My younger one has 2 naps still and needs it. I tried not to give her her morning nap but she would just end up falling asleep by herself....hahha

The room im not light. And I feed them before bed...its not too chilly or too hot.

So I dont know!!!!????? Im tired!!!!! But I am getting used to it to.....but something I dont look forward to in the mornings!


Louise - posted on 05/18/2012




The older child is coming to that age that he really does nont need an afternoon nap any more and you could probably reduce that to an hour. If your 15 month old is having 2 2 hour sleeps then reduce them to an hour and a half.

Use black out curtains as much as you can and make sure they are getting plenty of fresh air. If they do wake then do not get them up. Leave them to self settle as long as you can. Go in lie them down say not time yet and leave. You could stretch this to 6.30-7am which would be much better than 5am.

You have to gain control and by not getting them up you are doing this. My daughter did this for a short while and I kept lying her back down and telling her to go back to sleep. She then just sang and chuckled in her cot until 7am but this was better than actually getting up. After three days she realised that I was not going to get her up and she started to go back to sleep.

Now she is 3.5 years old and is a very good sleeper and the first thing she says to me every morning is "is it time to get up yet" :-)

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