Too fast and too much

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What can I do About my Son eating too much and too fast? He gets a little agro when I tell him he had enough. He gets too big.


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Michelle - posted on 08/11/2013




That's the thing Little Miss. We don't get a lot of information so give short answers and then hassled because of it.
Things like age, if he's over weight and what types of things he eats would have been helpful.
Oh well, another day in the life of being a CoM Mod.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 08/11/2013




I guess your suggestion was just like his eating habits Michelle *shrugs*. I agree with you whole heartedly. Smaller portions, and having him wait a bit for seconds.

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With comments like that I decide now to not join this blog anymore. That advise was too much too fast, thank you very much!

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