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Sara - posted on 01/28/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi everyone. I'm a Swiss mom and I decided to post here to share other moms' opinions on the topic of gifts from grandparents. Well, my daughter is now 15 months and since she was born my in-laws have been covering her with gifts, mainly toys and many times inappropriate for her age. For example on her 1st birthday they bought a "cake baking set" with detachable small parts and the instructions on the package said 3 years up. Apart from this they also gave her a huge teddy bear and a book which was also for older children, since the animals in it have detachable plastic eyes and it's also for older kids. We saw them a week after her birthday party and they had bought other gifts. Most of the times it's stuff she doesn't need, furthermore I don't have room for it! They give her a new toy basically everytime they see her and sometimes even 2-3 things altogether. The first thing they do as soon as we enter their house is giving her new toys. She has toys at both sets of grandparents' houses, so it's not like she goes there and has nothing to play with, but they won't get it. My husband agrees with me, and told them many times to stop this, but they won't listen and keep buying stuff. We don't want our little girl to think she has to get gifts whenever she sees her grandparents and life is not all about material things. My parents also buy gifts, but it's only now and then and on occasions such as Christmas or birthday and their bond with my daughter is getting stronger and stronger. I don't want to sound judgemental, but I also believe that in not listening to us my in-laws are disrespectful of our role as parents and a little immature too.


Raye - posted on 01/28/2015




Tell them you appreciate their kindness, but they are overdoing it. Let them know that you will begin donating some gifts they have given that are not age appropriate for your child, and future gifts if they continue in this way, to needy families. Find church groups, shelters, etc. in your area willing to accept these donations.

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