Too much attention given to a 20 yr old daughter. Suffocating our relationship

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20 yr old step daughter who still wants to spend every other week with us. She takes up a lot of space in our relationship. Dad treats her like a princess. He ignores his son and my daughter. He won't talk about it, sees nothing wrong.


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Well, there's nothing wrong with an adult who still wants to maintain a relationship with her father.

Tell him to be an adult and address the situation if it's creating real stress. But, if you are just upset because an adult wants to continue to have the same quantity of time with her father...As the daughter of a man married to a woman who'd rather his biological kids fell off the face of the earth...I'd have to say that you may want to re-think this before bringing it up to him, simply to make sure that the true issue will be addressed.

Is your daughter also his daughter? Does his son feel like he's being ignored?

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