Too much conflicting advice as a mother

Natasha - posted on 09/03/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I am a 1st time mum in my early thirties and feel I'm fairly confident and competent with my son.
Whilst it is advice is appreciated I
do notice that everyone has an opinion on how I should raise my child ( he's only 6 weeks old) and a lot of the advice is conflicting.if this is the case it's not HOW you HAVE to do things but just someone else's choices they've made for their child, do as long as you're not putting your child in danger intentionally or unintentionally or leaving he/she in front of the tv all day couped up or not bothering with hygiene (washing or changing) then do what you do.
I'll happily take a bit of advice but I'm sick of being told not just chatted to.i change my sons nappy before and after a feed as he urinates very frequently and I've been told to just do it, I'll do what I want and it's only a positive to change regularly.
Apart from the Internet I can honestly say I have only been given a handful of helpful advice that's what your child needs since every child is an individual.
Mums seem to be the most judgemental like they all wrote the book of parenting and know best.people should concentrate on their own children and let others be.
Being a mother is tiring but I love my son.listening to other people boss mothers about and judge isn't.thats stressful.
Am I being harsh?


Michelle - posted on 09/03/2013




The best thing to do is just say thankyou to the person offering advice but you still do what you want. He's your child and it's your job to raise him how you want.
The best bit of advice I ever got was to smile and listen to all the advice but only take on board what you think will work. You never know, sometime down the track what you usually do may not work and you may need to try something else.

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