Too Much Homework!

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My son is 10 and in 4th grade. The school is preparing them for the TAKS test and we have 3-4 2 page essays along with other homework every week. I think that he could do the test but he gets so overwhelmed with the amount and the topics that they are making them write about daily. They will not give me the grammar criteria because they don't want them to have help but if they miss anything they have tho re-write the whole thing. So some days he has to re-write an essay and do a new 2 page essay. It makes it nearly impossible for me to help him at all when he gets so frustrated. I have talked to the teachers and nothing is changing. Do y'all have to do this with your kids?



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In the UK some schools put a lot of pressure on children in year 6 (10 and 11 year olds) because of the SATS tests. it is really only for the schools' benefit, rather than the children, as the teachers have targets to meet and want to do well on league tables. If you find the teacher isn't responding well to you, speak to the school head/principal. If you still get no joy, is there a board of governors for your school?

That amount of homework is too stressful and counter-productive for children that age.

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