Too Much Pooping? Normal, or Dr. Visit?

Rebecca - posted on 01/06/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




First time asking a question, so forgive me if I'm asking a weird one! I'm finding a dirty diaper 5-7 times a day, sometimes with under digested food. Then, other days, he's fine, only pooping two-three times a day. I asked the doctor and she didn't seem to be too concerned. He's got a terrible diaper rash now, and I'm wondering whether he needs to go for allergy testing or a gastro guy or gal? Any advice is appreciated.


User - posted on 01/06/2014




well my first question is how old is he? With the foods that are not being digested, I would not give him for a while, it could be possible for allergy but also possible stomach issue. I say talk to the dr again, especially if you notice that the frequent BMs are from certain foods, maybe they can do a allergy test.
My son for the longest time could not eat carrots, he would pass them 15 minutes after eating them, undigested, they just did not settle well with his stomach. But now he is almost 3 and they dont bother him one bit.
Hope the best!

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