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Hi Everybody,Are there any finger food ideas for my 1year old son but he has only 2 front teeth in his mouth.


Lyndsay - posted on 10/10/2013




Both of my girls were late with the teeth. You can give him just about anything (other than things like steak), but cut it into tiny pieces. As he gets better at gumming, the pieces can get bigger. Particularly popular in my house were bananas, carrots steamed to death, cut up meatball small amounts of steamed spinach and small pieces of strawberry or melon. That said, my 14 month old still only has four teeth (and not her front ones) and she will eat just about anything now.

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Cottage cheese was one of my daughter's favorite foods at that age. Graham crackers and anything that desolves easily. Cereal is always a hit.

Katherine - posted on 10/08/2013




Even without a lot of teeth, most babies can gum a lot of different foods. Have you tried any table foods yet? Gerber sells a lot of different options in the baby aisle - things like yogurt melts, cheese/grain puffs, cereal snacks, etc. I bought a lot of those when my son started on table food. You can also try cheerios, pieces of cheese, buttered toast or bread, etc. Pretty much any food that you eat, your son can try as long as it's cut or torn into small pieces for him. My son will be one this week and eats pretty much what we do. Grilled cheese sandwiches are his favorite - I just tear it up into pieces for him and let him go for it.


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Bhavani - posted on 10/18/2013





How to improve immunity power for my 1 year kid.

He frequently suffers from cold,cough and fever.

He was born with 2.75kgs and by his first birthday he is 7.75kgs. Does his weight Ok?

Kindly give any suggestions to improve my kids health

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