total mess in the 3rd tri! my partner doesnt get it!

Beth - posted on 07/03/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




Does anyone have any suggestions for how I can let my partner know how I’m feeling during the 3rd tri? I’ve been fine through all the pregnancy so far until I hit the 3rd tri! Now I’m a mess, I cry about nothing! Not just cry but get uncontrollable upset (he doesn’t even hug me or try to comfort me – he just ignores it almost and sit on the computer!), not only that but I’m extremely irritable and get angry at him quite easy! (When I snap at him I always try to make it right and say sorry but he just says I’m being a Bi*ch and am self-centred) But I can’t help the way I’m feeling! I almost feel like I’m totally alone and he’s not even around except for the good bits! I’m starting to get worried that maybe we aren’t ready! Which terrifies me especially since our little girl is due in 2 months!! All I want is hugs from him and for him to tell me everything’s ok! Not only is this 3rd tri making him crazy but its making me crazy too!


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Amanda - posted on 07/04/2012




You need to tell him how you feel. Men don't deal with raging hormones well.

Leigh - posted on 07/03/2012




I advise you to have two very detailed conversations. First with your doctor. Tell him/her how you are feeling and that it came on very suddenly. It might be something completely normal, or it could be a hormonal imbalance that he can help correct with a temporary prescription. After you talk to your doctor, you need to talk to your partner. Talk to him in a calm collected manner when both of you are relaxed. Maybe he should go to the doctor with you for your conversation there so he can understand first hand and ask any questions he might have. Your doctor may be able to get him to understand what you are going through easier. It is possible your partner won't listen to it from you if he is already building a wall due to the fighting you described. Hope this helps, and let me know how it all goes. Good luck Beth.

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