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It's been over a year now that my daughter and I have lived together, since her dad moved out..He and I weren't married, so we didnt have to deal with any type of divorce..For the first seveal months, he'd take her 2-3 nights a week and she'd stay at his place, nearby..he''d take her to school, and all that, as he had been totally prsent in her life since day one..As of June, that all stopped..and I have officially become a single mom..July was very tough - I wasn't used to not having a break - as in, a few night/mornings off - a date with my p/t honey...well - that's over now, which is meant for the best...and I have completely embraced being a full time - Single Mom!

How? I dont know, sometimes..then, I catch myself just enjoying the "mom"ents..taking a breath, and providing a warm, nurturing environment, without too much swearing..

yes, moms, we swear, right? or not?

in my head? or out loud? both...mmhmmm....mostly in traffic, but....uh! in the most warmhearted way....

am i alone in this?

does my daughter hear me? yes...well, it's a part of life, and who should she learn it from? me!

that's not all she may overhear....we discuss everything that's happening - like - running into daddy in traffic with his new girlfriend, in my old car (that i gave him, yes...i did) which is what lead to him moving to an undisclosed location and no longer taking his daughter overnight...well..that day, he was supposed to pick her up, as discussed, however, he texted, saying he was running late - from "an audition"....i had a feeling he was lying, but anyways, on our way back from trader joes - low and behold, we run into them, at the stop sign, on my block!! yes, i freaked out...and that is his reason for completely separating himself from us....who does it effect? neither one of us...why? because i provide tons of love and support to her non-stop her flight attendant....her chauffeur, her private chef, her confidant, her mother.....he texts and sees her now and then at his leisure..and it is what it is...and i put him on child support

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