toticollis that changes sides?

User - posted on 07/26/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




Has anyone heard of torticollis changing sides? My little boy is almost 7 months old and was born favoring his right side and pediatrician said he had torticollis. As he got older, the head tilt became more obvious (tilts toward his left shoulder). We've been taking him to a chiropractor to help with this and thought we were making great progress as he had a few days where his head looked straight and he didn't favor a side. After about 3 days, my husband and I noticed he was tilting his head toward his right shoulder. His head tilted quite a bit toward the right for several days, then seemed a lot better and now it's back to tilting toward his left shoulder.
The chiropractor says his muscles are just getting adjusted and to not worry and give it time, but as first-time parents that is not easy to do.I'm starting to wonder if the head tilt could be something other than torticollis as I've never heard of it changing sides.

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