Tough Love - had to kick my 21 son onto the streets

Sharon - posted on 10/14/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




It is so interesting to read all previous posts, and I am hoping to hear some feedback from moms / dads who have lived through what I have had to do.
Little background:
I have struggled with his ODD / ADHD / TLE behaviours over the last 15 years. He has been in multiple schools, seen therapist, been medicated (until his father told him he must not let me drug him.
I made a mistake and always covered / lied for him. Made excuses for him, never let him suffer his consequences of his actions - because I knew he had psych issues.
His sisters lived a dreadful time been physically attacked and verbally abused, stolen from.
My older daughter is independent and lives a happy life. My youngest (19) still lives with me and works.

Their father went to prison for fraud. We went through some tough times, but survived. ( I divorced him years ago).

Trouble started when we moved into a new home and somehow his girlfriend ended up living with us. My son had a good job - went on holidays it was perfect.

I DON'T KNOW what went wrong ........

But they ended up using drugs - and everything went downhill. They were aggressive to other people, and luckily moved out.
They messed that up and landed up squatting in my garage - and getting arrested again - total of 3 cop visits raiding my home - put my job in danger as well.
Time in prison and court - R10 000 for rehab ------- nothing changed - got worse.

Complete stress and verbal and emotional abuse

I eventually reached rock bottom and moved house - but warned him he had to find a place to stay.
Dont think he believed me.

I have moved - and my son is on the street - I feel so depressed and empty ...... but know I have to get him to take responsibility for his actions and life.

But as a mom - this is rock bottom - I pray for his recovery and return home one day if he ever forgives me.


Michelle - posted on 10/14/2016




You have said it: He needs to take responsibility for his actions.
I personally haven't been there but a god friend of mine has. She had to cut her daughter out due to drugs, theft and abuse. Her daughter, just this week, agreed and checked into a rehab facility. It took the tough love for the daughter to take charge of her life and make a change.
Only your son can choose to get help and put his life on track. He is an adult

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