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Tina Marie - posted on 06/09/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




So I need some advice from some other mommies out there. My ex and I have been apart about two years now. I am the provider for our son. I work and have my own place and pay for daycare and all the bills. The father has never had a job, and has never given me money to help out. He never tries to see our son EXCEPT for holidays. And when I get upset and say I want him too he gets upset because he says he never gets to see him, but I feel like that's not my fault, he never asks to, and why should he get him on the holidays when he doesn't even do anything for him the rest of the year. He also gets his family involved to where they will text or call me saying how unfair I am. And I always end up caving in. Also my son gets upset when he has to go see his father, because he is pretty much some stranger he sees 3 times a year. But I do want them to have a relationship, I really do, but I know sometimes a child is better off not having a certain parent in their life, than in their life. I am confused on what is the right thing to do is and of course my family is all one sided and don't like the guy and want me to not let my son see him til he straightens up his life. I want him to let him see our son the little amount he does, but then again I want him to step up to the plate of being a father and take more responsibility before he can see him again. I just want whats best for my son. I don't know what to do.. Any advice?


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