Toughening up a 7 year old girl

Jennifer - posted on 08/13/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




How can I toughen up my 7 yr old daughter emotionally? She doesn't handle criticism that well by getting upset, and I'm also concerned that she won't be able to deal with a bully's comments in the future. I wish she would toughen up physically too. She cries even when she gets a little scratch (drama queen), lol.


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Dove - posted on 08/13/2016




I agree w/ Michelle. My son is the 'drama queen' in our home. He's 8 and a very sensitive soul in many ways. Even though it's hard to deal with and I worry about certain things in the future... and some current things... This is who he is and I have no intention of changing that. I do encourage him to stand up for himself w/ the kids that target him, but he is who he is and if he won't do it... all I can do is be there to comfort him through it.

If she is overreacting you certainly don't have to feed into it... but you can comfort and support her 'casually' w/out totally diminishing her feelings because to HER it might actually feel like 'the end of the world' (even though 'we' all know it really isn't).

Michelle - posted on 08/13/2016




You can't change who someone is. You can't "toughen" her up. Love her for who she is. My daughter is the same but she hasn't had to deal with bullies yet. She has had boys at school be mean to her and she has dealt with it. She is actually loved by most people as she has a beautiful soul.
Leave your daughter and let her find her own way. It doesn't have to be your way.

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