Tourette's / chronic motor tics

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Hello all I'm new to this service and decided to join to gain a better understand of my child's motor tics condition.

My son Ari is 12 years old and was diagnosed with tics when he was 5 years old . Ari's diagnosis involves adhd,
Anxiety and Tourette / tics , we have been seeking the constant advise from a specialised PED who has been monitoring Ari's condition since he was 5 years. He has been on meds eg risperidone & clonidine low dosage to help with with semi aggressive mood swings and help control his developing motor tics .
Without the meds which let me say I was totally against initially but had to try something to help my sons loosing battle with his increasing condition. We as parents are devastated with his increasing condition , we love our boy and prey to God to help our child and watch over him. He also is a beautiful person and shows love , caring and understanding .
The meds are helping with his angry moods swings but are doing very little for his ongoing worsening tic condition . We had to introduce a natural compounded medicine ( melatonin ) to calm him for sleep which has been a god send as he would toss and turn for hours trying to fall asleep!
His symptoms include hoping, head jerk, running on the one spot,various facial tics, arm movement , sniffing , jumping , minimal vocal tics and semi like seizures when laying down.
His tics frequently change and we often wander what's next around the corner as he develops into his teenage years .
Ari is finalising his last couple of months of primary school and his educational standards are very low as his tics are constantly interfering with his concentration (attention deficit ) stress , anxiety and what ever else kicks into mind. As good parents we are very concerned for his future and wellbeing and also concerned as he makes his transition to high school as we all know that it is a cruel world out their.
We fill his life with much love,caring and understanding and we will always be their for him .
We are struggling with our sons condition - we need your feed back
We thank you for reading our post
And would appreciate your comments or advise
Kind regards

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