toxic toys?

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i just read this article about a family who doesnt allow plastic toys to be given to their children. if they do receive them as a gift they are either re gifted or donated. does any one know any information about how toxic plastic is?

maybe im not diligent enough but i check the recalls and avoid the obviously really cheap toys. other than that my kids play with lots of plastic. yesterday was my youngest daughters birthday party. if i took away all plastic toys i would have taken EVERYTHING away. how do parents deal with this? and are all plastic toys really all that bad? im going to have to look into this further but i was just wondering what everyone thought?

heres the link to the blog post’t-have-no-really-you-shouldn’t-have/


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Not all plastics are created equal. Some are really OK, even to eat from (#5 plastic was safe for food last time I checked). Often it's not the plastic itself but the additives that give the trouble. Lead paint on plastic toys is an obvious example. Then there's the ubiquitous flame retardants, and plastic softeners (both are used e.g. in synthetic carpeting): those are much nastier, having been implicated in hormonal disruptions and cancers. (I found out about all this while researching a post on car interiors; ugh).

One place to check for toy (and car) safety is; they've done a lot of research on chemical safety.

Our house has a lot of wooden, open-ended toys that you can use for many things; also art and craft supplies of the grownup type; my children don't have that many toys in general. The one exception we make is for Legos: those are hard plastic and the creative play is wonderful. And I boot them outside all the time: the yard is the best toy of all. Even for me!

Good luck with your journey. It's not always easy but you just take one step at a time. The risks with plastics are not yet completely understood but I like the precautionary principle: if you have a choice, why expose yourself to this kind of deep risk?

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Jodi - posted on 03/21/2011




That makes sense. They believe the plastic toys are toxic, so they give them away to other children.......

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Yes plastic is toxic. It's the paint and because there are no regulations in China. They don't have an FDA like we do. Anything goes. Also there is BPA in some plastics which is a very harmful chemical.

Here is a link about plastics too:

Now they are saying just heating up plastic (sippy cups, bottles etc....) in the dishwasher is unsafe because it releases toxic chemicals. So basically plastic drink ware is a no no now.

edit to add: asbestos, formaldehyde and others in plastic.

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