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What type of toys should a 3 month old play with? Should he actually be able to play with them at this age?


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When my kids were 3 months old I started putting them in the bouncer chair (with blankets around them of course - I also put it in front of a mirror so my kids can look at themselves) and I also have a toy that they can lay under and it makes music and lights up. It also has toys that hang off it for them to grab and/or kick (it really helps with discovering their different body parts). Also you should be giving your 3 month-old lots of tummy time to help with the head and neck muscles. Tummy time is best on a blanket on the floor ad I find it helps to put small plush toys on the blanket in front of them because it keeps their atention on something other than the fact that they are on their tummy (which most babies do not like). I hope this helps and have fun with your little one! :)


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Babies are born to play. You might not realize that what your child is doing at any given minute IS playing. When they focus on their hands, it's playing. When they focus on you, it's playing. At 3 months you want to develop your child's awareness of things. Wrist rattles and anything that they can grab and make noise are great! It makes them go "Wait a minute! What was that?!?!"
Anything with different textures and colours are wonderful for a child. Just be aware that a baby learns more from black and white things than multi-coloured things for the first 3 months of their lives. The Lamaze toys are GREAT for this because it blends black and white with colour.

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sweetheart as long it's small enough to fit into his mouth its fine. you can go anywhere that sells baby toys and they'll have age limits on them.

All babies start playing at different ages. Dakota started playing at 2 months and kayle kinda plays now but not that much, she'd rather walk around then play so it just depends you will be able to tell just by how he reacts when you do little things like the patty cake song. ILY CUZ...

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My 3.5 month old's favorite toy is a mirror...He will sit and babble at it for forever!! Also, the Lamaze line has a lot of soft rattles and things that have lots of legs and handles and whatnot on that for the little ones to grab and explore.

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go to a walmart and look in the baby section and even the kids section and most toys for a baby from birth to um i think 36 months are noted on the box or whatever so you know what toys that are age apropreat and yes they can they might not know what to do with it at first but yes once they get use to it it will help them grow and learn just so you know though prices are outragious just about anywhere and you dont have to go to just walmart im sure kmart or target or just about any store is the same and no matter where you go prices are crazy

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