Train waking up my son. Need advice.

Jessica - posted on 04/18/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have a six month old. And I live right next to a train track. He used to sleep right thru it but anymore it scares him awake. He is finally sleeping thru the night completely. Like going to sleep at 7 or 8 and waking up around 7. But the train comes thru between four and five. It's loud too. Would a sound machine block out that noise or is it something he will just eventually have to get used to? I don't want him losing sleep. But idk if there is even anything I can do I thought about moving his room but no matter what room he is in the train is on some side of the room.

Any advice will be appreciated.


Michelle - posted on 04/18/2015




You can either hope he gets used to it or move.
If it hasn't bothered him until now I would suggest it's got nothing to do with the train and just him changing his sleep pattern.
Moving his room won't help but if you are worried about the noise move away from the tracks.

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