Transferring Schools at the Elementary Level

Melissa - posted on 06/07/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




Has anyone in a non military school and not because of a job transfer, had to transfer their child at the elementary level? My 8 year old has been in a Catholic school since Kindergarten. Yesterday, I had a meeting with my child's principal and teacher. My child has ADD and everyone thought that a transfer to one of the local multiage third/fourth grade public schools might be in the best interest.


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Melissa - posted on 06/23/2013




I had to transfer my daughter two years ago. She has been diagnosed as being globally delayed. I had her transferred due to her not receiving adequate help in her learning. I had tried to get her into a private school and was denied. They had explained that public schools get funding for kids with an IEP. Whereas private does not. The school I have her in presently has helped her tremendously. She was placed into a public school that deals with all kinds of disabilities plus has kids without disabilities.

Ev - posted on 06/07/2013




I transferred schools a few times growing up but not because of ADD or any other problems. My dad moved us where the work was. The first out of state school we moved to my parents enrolled my sis in first grade again to help her out with her looking at things backwards and writing them that way. She had a learning delay of some sort. It helped her. I was in fifth grade. Moving to a new school does have its challenges and no matter if it is because of a child's needs such as ADD or Autism; any change like that will be hard at first for a child. But if the parents talk to the child in a positive manner about the changes coming it will help prepare them to face those changes. Also if it is possible, have the child meet the new teachers they will have and get to know them a bit so that they do not feel so out of place. Also if there are kids going to the same school, let them hang out together to also calm your child's fears.

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