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transition from formula to whole milk


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Amanda - posted on 04/29/2009




you just need to make sure they're getting enough calories or they'll wake at night wanting more.

i know a friend's toddler will only drink formula from a bottle, juice from a trainer cup and cow's milk off a spoon... maybe try a new 'big kids' cup for them to have milk out of?

mand x

Mel - posted on 04/28/2009




you can also do (which i was told) half water half cows milk to get them used to it.

Lei - posted on 04/28/2009




wow! thanks all for the quick reply, this helps a lot for me to wait a while and get her used to drinking half of formula and half of whole milk! Which eventually,( I hope!) get her to drink all whole milk only! I'm in no rush anyway. Thanks again!

Kimberly - posted on 04/28/2009




My 21month old sometimes has a bottle at night but it's still formula, which her doctor said was okay. She doesn't drink a lot of milk and it's 1% because that's what's in the house. She gets most of her dairy from cheese and yogurt

Amanda - posted on 04/28/2009




we've been giving ours some semi skimmed milk during weaning, on cereal etc to get her used to the taste, and a few days before her first birthday we ran ou of formula so she went onto whole milk. we also dropped a bottle on her birthday, from 3 x 200ml to 2 x 250ml with juice at lunchtime to keep fluid levels up. i found that she was wanting her milk come nighttime... so even if she didn't like it she'd have gobbled it up anyway. also she has it after bathtime now, so about 7-9pm depending on when she wants it, instead of at 7pm followed by a bath. i've found she's sleeping longer this way.

mand x

Christy - posted on 04/28/2009




I gradually increased the amount of milk in the bottle on a week by week basis. 3 weeks ago it was 1/4 cows milk 3/4 formula, now we're up to 3/4 cows milk 1/4 formula, and the formula will be phased out in the next few days. I'm also using the Nuby sippy cup thing with a straw, starting off just with water to get her used to using it. She will HOPEFULLY start drinking milk from there too!!

[deleted account]

I made the transition right after my son turned one year. He didn't even know the difference. He drank milk from a bottle for a while until he learned to use the sippy cup. I bought Nuby soft nipple sippy cups and that helped a lot.

Lacey - posted on 04/28/2009




with my first two i just threw away the bottles on first birthday and started giving whole milk. however my third was very resistant and i had to add increasingly more milk to formula over a few weeks to get her to change and it was a battle to get her to give up the bottle. i succeeded by offering nothing but water in the bottle but offering both bottles and cups. as soon as she got control of the cups she didn't want the bottle anymore.

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